This Car Show For Classic Construction Equipment Is Kind Of Awesome

The Historic Construction Equipment Association (HCEA) is a really cool organization that's obsessed with the machines that helped build America's infrastructure. They have a museum in Ohio, and every year they put on an awesome construction equipment show at their national convention.

I've dropped in a few videos below to show you just how awesome this construction equipment show is. They bring in dirt mounds and everyone just brings out their old dump trucks and diggers, and they just start moving dirt! Watching these old trucks doing what they were designed to do 50 or even 100 years ago is just seriously cool.


Check out those steam shovels in the top video! Also, look at this old, unrestored 1927 dump truck taking care of business.

More steam!:

It's cool to see all these folks out there operating these old rigs.

Check out more videos at HCEA's website.

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